The Right Place

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A lonely squirrel goes searching for a new home, only to discover that the best place is one where the whole community can live together. Joining Barefoot’s acclaimed collection of social-emotional titles, this tale offers the perfect opportunity to start conversations about coping with loneliness, the importance of community, and what makes a place feel like home. Beautiful illustrations by award-winning Italian artist Simona Mulazzani bring Squirrel’s journey to life.

Beatrice Masini is an Italian journalist, translator and writer who has published 40 books for children and teens in many languages. She is known for having translated J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. She lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Simona Mulazzani has illustrated over 90 adult and children's books for publishers around the world. In 2013 she received a Silver Medal from the Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators. She lives and works in Pesaro, Italy.

"I loved this book! It is about having a sense of community and belonging–which seems especially poignant in a time when everyone is asked to keep their distance from others (COVID-19)" - Youth Services Book Review


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