The Trans Self-Care Workbook: A Coloring Book and Journal for Trans and Non-Binary People

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If you're transgender, non-binary, or any other gender under the wide and wonderful trans umbrella, this book is for you. A creative journal and workbook with a difference, this book combines coloring pages celebrating trans identity, beauty and relationships, with practical advice, journaling prompts and space for reflection to promote self-affirmation and wellbeing.

Drawing on CBT and mindfulness techniques, the book covers topics including body positivity and neutrality, coming out, euphoria and dysphoria, building new friendships and navigating relationships with your friends and family, and is the go-to resource for anybody who has ever felt the pressure to conform to a singular definition or narrative.

Theo Nicole Lorenz's heart-warming and empowering illustrations of trans people will provide reassurance that you are never alone, and are a reminder to always treat yourself kindly.


Theo Nicole Lorenz was born in 1985, weighing only six pounds and yelling a lot. Now many pounds larger and with more than ten delightful all-ages coloring books published, Theo still yells a lot, though mostly at the internet. They make coloring books and sometimes comics in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

 From the first comforting page to the last joyous exercise, the Trans Self-Care Workbook will help you to discover more about the trans movement and your own heart. Page after page invites you build a kind accepting relationship with yourself. What a glorious journey!--Jeffrey Marsh, the first nonbinary activist on national TV, and author of the bestselling How To Be You

The Trans Self-Care Workbook is the warm, consensual hug of affirmation that every trans and nonbinary person needs. Wisdom and insight about being trans is accompanied by beautiful illustrations. No matter whether you are exploring your gender or you have been out for a long time, this workbook will be a loving gift to yourself.--Dr. Alex Iantaffi, Author of How To Understand Your Gender; Life Isn't Binary; and Gender Trauma

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