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A sweet and vibrant story (for kids 3–7) about something that’s all around us and has an astounding impact on our lives, even though we can’t touch or see it—the power of vibes!

This sweet story follows a young girl who realizes the different ways that vibes can affect our experience of the world, both passively and actively, and what happens when you start to notice all the magical energy around you. 

Vibes can be a difficult concept for kids to understand, but this book immerses children in the world of vibes with simplicity and humor. It shows the negative impact bad vibes can create and the awesome power of good vibes. Bad vibes don’t feel very good and tend to multiply if you let them get out of control. Good vibes can make someone’s day if they are feeling down, and the power of positive vibes helps create a better, more interconnected world.   

The spacious simplicity of scenes paired with the vibrant, dynamic swirls of vibes in the artwork help bring the world of vibes alive for children to explore.

HANNAH CLARKE is a filmmaker and publicist based in Wellington, New Zealand. She has worked for Peter Jackson’s visual effects company on such films as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, and Avatar. Her 2009 documentary, Flight of the Conchords: ON AIR, covering the rise to fame of New Zealand comedians Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, screened internationally on HBO and the BBC. Hannah is a mother of three kids who often ask her about vibes. Upon discovering that no books existed on the subject, she decided to make one. This is her first book.

AKI, whose real name is Delphine Mach, has been writing and illustrating since 2008. After studying graphic design at the Duperre School in Paris, she began her career in children's books as co-author and illustrator of the Santi & Jo series. She then developed the Pan and Chat series and wrote her book The Weather Girls. When she is not illustrating for editorial and publishing clients, Aki writes a culinary blog Les 3 Soeurs (The 3 Sisters) that she shares with her sisters (who are equally passionate about cooking).

“This simple, well-written, reassuring book stresses the power of positive thinking and living—good messages as children strive to make friends and navigate their way through the world. Imparts sound takeaways about the power of positivity.”
Kirkus Reviews

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