Up High

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A walk down busy city streets can feel scary when you’re small, but the world doesn’t seem so frightening when you’re perched up high on Dad’s shoulders!

Going up high on Dad's shoulders is the best way to feel BIG in cities that make you feel small. This tender, funny celebration of the bond between father and child will resonate with children and adults alike.

Join one child and their father for a stroll through their neighborhood as they spot lots of wonderful things—big and small—along the way.

Matt Hunt was born in Redditch in Worcestershire, England, in 1988. Starting out as a fine artist, he graduated from the Birmingham School of Art, and from these roots, developed a love for children's illustration. Matt works in mixed media, utilizing paint, pens, crayons, and digital methods. He's influenced by old movies, classic illustration, cartoons, and books. He lives with his wife Hayley and two cats.

Size becomes delightfully relative when a father and child head out for their weekly city walk in this perspective-expanding picture book.—Publishers Weekly


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