Violet and Jobie in the Wild

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Newbery Medal winner Lynne Rae Perkins introduces Violet and Jobie, two house mice relocated to the wilderness, in an exceptional read-aloud and read-alone for fans of Skunk and Badger and Nuts to You. This thrilling—and funny!—animal adventure explores themes of friendship, family, bravery, and the meaning of home. Illustrated in black-and-white throughout by the author.

Brother and sister mice Violet and Jobie live a cozy and comfortable life in a humans’ house, where food is plentiful, and the television is good. In fact, Violet, tucked safely behind a book in the bookcase, loves to watch nature programs along with the young boy of the family. The boy’s mother, however, isn’t the biggest fan of mice.

When Violet and Jobie are trapped, the young boy pleads with his mother to release them. Now, Violet and Jobie find themselves in tall grasses, under tall trees, surrounded by all kinds of unfamiliar scents and sounds. In short, they find themselves in the wild.

This short, generously illustrated novel is packed with action, humor, heart, and friendship. Award-winning author Lynne Rae Perkins’s Violet and Jobie in the Wild will resonate with nature lovers and the young middle grade audience.

Lynne Rae Perkins was awarded the Newbery Medal for her novel Criss Cross, and its companion, All Alone in the Universe, was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book and an ALA Booklist Editors’ Choice, among other honors. Her novel As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth was called a “rich, eventful, and extremely entertaining road trip” by the New York Times. She is the creator of several picture books, including Snow Music and Home Lovely, both Boston Globe–Horn Book Award Honor Books, and the acclaimed The Museum of Everything. She is the author-illustrator of Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year, Nuts to You. Lynne Rae Perkins lives in Northern Michigan.


 “When mouse siblings Violet and Jobie are trapped and rehomed from their comfortable human habitat to the state park, they are completely out of their element. . . . Fortunately, older, wiser mouse Zolian offers key advice and expands their appreciation of the wild world with a sense of fun. . . . As with all good survival stories, the mice learn by trial and error and by paying attention to their environment. . . . A marvelous heroic journey.” -Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Indoor mice accustomed to cushy conditions learn to survive outdoors in this endearing novel by Perkins. . . . When they are captured one day and left at a nearby state park, they’re thrust into a life that Violet has seen only on TV program Nature Magnificent. They fumble mightily, and often humorously, in their naivete . . . Balancing funny notes with a newfound sense of wonder, nimble text cleverly imagines the details of moving through the natural world in a mouse’s body. . . . A narrative centering family bonds and new experiences.” -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Mouse siblings Violet and Jobie have spent their entire lives in a comfortable human house, watching nature documentaries on television, enjoying plentiful snacks, and napping in cozy drawers. But when they’re finally outwitted by a clever trap, the mice find themselves unceremoniously dumped into the woods . . . an absolute charmer, punctuated by adorable artwork and imbued with chatty, cozy camaraderie and frequent funny asides. . . . A gem of a story that will leave readers eager to embrace a bigger life.” -Booklist (starred review)

“The fast-paced plot keeps this gentle survival story moving." -Horn Book (starred review)

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