Where's Joon?

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Where’s Joon?, the graphic novel picture book follow up to Julie Kim’s bestselling Where’s Halmoni?, pulls readers back into a fantastical world inspired by Korean folklore.

It's Halmoni's birthday, and everyone is helping in the garden before the celebration, but where is Joon? Jin sees a mess in the kitchen but no sign of Joon anywhere. Where could he have gone?

Halmoni has a hunch and sends Jin on an errand through her magical portal into a fantastical world of Korean folklore. Jin is to deliver rice cakes to the notorious miser Jo-harabuhji and hopefully meet Joon on the way.

In this strange world, Jin and Joon each meet familiar friends and foe before reuniting to embark on a new mission - to fix Halmoni's magic pot that Joon broke back at the house. 

Will Jin and Joon succeed in restoring Halmoni's magic pot? And will Halmoni forgive Joon for having broken her favorite magic pot in the first place?

This story is about the children's courage to face their fears and their efforts to do the right thing, and how love makes it all possible.

JULIE KIM is an author and illustrator living in Seattle, WA. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and has mainly done illustration work for various trade, educational, and nonprofit book publishers as well as for children's magazines. Where's Halmoni? was her debut book as author/illustrator and Where's Joon? is the sequel.

 ★ "Rich in folklore, comedy, and color, a riotous and pleasurable treat."--Kirkus Reviews, starred

Kim's story is absolutely enchanting, but her stupendously vivacious illustrations prove even more memorable. Amplifying details immediately stand out from the first pages: the rice maker found in virtually every Asian American home, the well-used kitchen towel hanging slightly askew, the melding of Western/Korean architectural aesthetics. Kim imbues every scene with infectious energy, inviting readers to join in the clever challenges to bring the family safely back together. --Terry Hong, Shelf Awareness

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