Pride 2021 with Studio Raw Elite!
July 08, 2021

Pride 2021 with Studio Raw Elite!

Hello Hello from Stories Like Me - It’s been a while since we shared an update and some exciting news. 

I’m delighted to share with you today - the fun, community, great causes and our first Pittsburgh Pop Up at the Studio Raw Elite salon - Sunday June 27th.

With 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery (a nod to “We Bought a Zoo”) I approached the owner of Studio Raw Elite to ask if he would consider having Stories Like Me as part of their Pride celebration. As the event was both to raise awareness and raise money, we negotiated how I could support his two selected organizations: the wonderful Persad, and the fantabulous Central Outreach.

We agreed on me donating a couple of fantastic prizes and a portion of my sales :) We donated a YA Book bundle and a Children’s picture book bundle - each focussed on the rainbow of stories of their queer protagonists. 

I prepped for the day - with my daughters - ordering new books for the collection, and creating posts for social media. I went up to meet with Dan to talk about the books, who interviewed me one night - as a post for his social media channels…... this along with the team testing of the margarita machine! 

The day was packed - full of rainbows, tutus, glamour, stories and an overwhelming feeling of acceptance and joy. We listened to personal coming out stories, encouraged those who were struggling, and ate candy from the rainbow of candy! And of course we celebrated with the performances of burlesque, Samba and Drag artists.

AND… we generated donations for Persad and Central Outreach by talking with the attendees about the importance of representation in children’s books - and sharing some of our own stories.  At the end of the day we pulled the raffle winners! 


Thanks so much for all the patience, kindness and support of Paige, Dan, Delilah and her family, and the Studio Raw team.

And thank you to all of the folks who showed up to celebrate our Pride community and to those who expanded their home libraries with stories from our Pride collection.

Use PRIDE2021 to get a 15% discount on our Pride collection through the end of August.

Stay tuned for our next adventure! We’re closing in on our brick and mortar location which will have a journey all of its own!

The Stories Like Me Team